Language-based learning processes are unique to each of us. The manner in which each of us inputs, stores, retrieves and expresses the information which comes to us is unique. Our self-esteem as related to learning, not limited to being a student in school, is an essential part of our human nature.

The Education system functions well in general terms for a large percentage of the population. However, when even the well meaning and generally good classroom instruction fails to address the specific manner in which the information is processed, difficulties arise and are exacerbated over time and class level demands.
Individualized educational intervention addresses learning through each student’s learning strength, and in so doing, increases not only self-esteem as related to academics, but as a life-long learner.

Our focus is directed on assisting each individual to understand “how” they learn and so to better increase their overall learning potential. Although grades are a mark of satisfying particular criteria in a particular class, we recognize that measurement, does not always, demonstrate intelligence.

The Learning Curve strives to provide each student with the ability to better understand his or her own learning potential.