I have worked with students who demonstrate learning “differences” for over 30 years. I have NEVER worked with a lazy student. All of those students, over all of those years, wanted to achieve, wanted to show how clever, how smart, how able they were.

Over those years, I have been happy to serve as director and founder of private schools, home-schooling programs, curriculum development, on-site professional development programs, parent consultancy and teacher training workshops. I have developed and overseen my private individualized educational services in San Francisco, New York, London and Barcelona.

Currently I work with individual students, who attend many of the international schools in and around Barcelona. I am also very proud to offer private study session interventions as well as tutorial programs for observing-instructors, at my new office in Barcelona.

Timely and appropriate educational intervention, can serve to open a pathway, for the commonly recognized and always sought after, miracle of learning. I am happy to continue to be able to offer my services - to the cause, the hope and the inspiration of learning.